Petit Coulou

Summer Baby Car Seat Cover - Aqua / Grey


Summer Baby Car Seat Cover - Aqua / Grey

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  • SKU: PCE2200
  • Brand: Petit Coulou
  • Type: Siège d'auto
  • Availability: In Stock
Summer baby car seat cover in aqua and grey with glow-in-the-dark patterns.

Put some light on your summer evenings with the unique Petit Coulou cover that glows in the dark!

The baby car seat summer cover offers unparalleled 4-in-1 protection, true to the quality and name of Petit Coulou.

Perfect for protecting baby's fragile against the sun, mosquitoes and other biting insects.


NEW: Rear strap for a better fit.
INCLUDED: "Petit Coulou à Bord" sticker for car windows.


YES to the outdoors

YES to camping

YES to walks in the park


  • Waterproof and breathable materials

  • UFP50

  • Zipper closure for complete opening

  • Rear cord for a better fit

  • Semi-rigid rods providing optimal structural support

  • Removable sun visor with zipper offering protection from UV rays, wind and rain

  • Carrying bag with glow-in-the-dark patterns included


Fits all types of rear-facing car seats up to 16 kg / 35 lbs.


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