AllerGoKit - Anthracite


AllerGoKit - Anthracite

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Practical medical kit where everything has its place.

All the essentials are in place to react quickly in emergency situations.



Also available: An assortment of 18 charms to identify the most common food allergies and medical conditions.


    • Small, insulated and removable pouch to leave self-injected adrenaline at school, daycare or on a visit in your travel bag

    • Large pocket for the inhalation chamber

    • Both pockets have:

      - Piping that increases its rigidity and maintains its shape

      - Clips to hold the pockets together

      - Rings to secure the strap and allow each of the pockets individually

    • Identification cards provided for each pocket

    • Ring on the top of the main bag to hang on a hook

    • Flap, matching the insulated pocket, magnetic, allowing its immediate closure

    • Logo prominently on both bags to identify the AllerGo Kit as an emergency kit


Available in four attractive colours (lemon, lime, tangerine and anthracite) so that every member of the family can recognize their own AllerGo Kit.


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